OK, I’ll admit it, I’ll  just confess
my royal reign began with a glitzy dress

Get Your Mardi Gras On!

With beads of purple, gold & green
I made quite an entrance as a Mardi Gras Queen

All glammed up from head to feet
I strutted my stuff down Bourbon Street

Suddenly, I had this primo view ———-
of a Mardi Gras King and his Motley Krewe!

”Throw me something, Mistah!”
“What will it be, Sistah?”
”Fancy a flambeau or some nice King Cake?”

Mon Dieu, His Majesty made a minor mistake
He threw my way an entire King Cake

”Hello, I am a Drama and Mardi Gras Queen”
”With all this cake I’ll need ice cream!”

This King so knew what he had to do
He bid adieux to his Motley Krewe

He gave me a ring————!!!!
Now he’s my King

As King & Queen we knew what to do
we found a new gig with another Krewe

Happy Mardi Gras to everyone!