We’re having a lower-cost celebration

for a down-trodden nation:

The tofu dogs are on the grill

The brewskis are in the fridge to chill

The hall is decked with less stars and stripes

The USA can barely afford to party today/tonight

With Old Glory flying (a peace flag too!)

I’m all jazzed up in red, white and blue

(a real red-hot mama –howzabout you?)

Gonna Yankee Doodle Dandy all ‘round the ‘hood

You know you would if you were looking good

Soon old-fashioned fireworks will brighten the sky

as they always do on the Fourth of July

(unless it’s too foggy or they’ve been canceled due to budget cuts, oh my, oh my!)

Happy (Financial) Independence Day!!  Everyone sing, “For the times they are de-rangin’  “(forgive me Bob Dylan), and remember that laughter is the best medicine –no pill, no bill!