Twas the night before New Year’s12newyear 002

In Bill Graham’s house,*

Where the Deadheads had gathered,

Even an old hippie mouse

The fans were in tie-dye with way groovy flair,

Hoping that Bobby, Phil and their Band soon would be there;

Then, right close to Midnight there arose such a clatter,

(No, NOT Mick Jagger or the Mad Hatter! Does it matter?)

Far-out, a smokin’ hot phoenix swooped down through the air,

Hey bird, watch-out for those stage hands over there!!

The Deadheads could see there was nothing to fear,

As Phil & Bobby stood-up, they all began to cheer;

A re-born phoenix flew far, far -outta sight,

“Man, Hippie New Year to All, and to All a FUN Night!”

(Forgive me, Dr. Clement Moore. I’ve “skewered” your work again.)

Wishing y’all the BEST in 2013: More love, more light & much more laughter! And don’t fugettaboud more peace & joy…. for EVERYONE. LOL, Kathleen

* (Bill Graham Civic Auditorium in San Francisco)

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