It was a FABulous month for celebrationvalentine

When frilovity spread across the nation

Punxsutawney Phil, was ready to rock, ready to roll

Pennsylvania winters took a heavy toll

Jumping out of his burrowed hole

Phil boogied-on-down to the SuperBowl

Cause nutthin’ would be finer

Than to see the 49ers

Send the Ravens into mourning

Alas, a victory wasn’t meant to be

But they’ll win next year. Just wait and see!

Mardi Gras merrymakers urged him to stay

He would stay and play until Valentine’s Day!valentine1

But Phil was shy and so far from home

Woodchucks really don’t like to party alone

Along came a snake from the Chinese New Year

Getting chum-chum- chummy, they guzzled root beer

(How much would these two chums chuck

If these two chums could chuck wood?)

The party was soon over, he so missed his home

But forever grateful he had an urge to roam

(Update: When Punxsutawney Phil returned home to PA, there was still time for him to celebrate the birthdays of two former Presidents: Abraham Lincoln, I’m thinkin’ (Didn’t they just give an award to some actor for playing him in a Hollywood movie??) & George “cherry pie, I can tell no lie” Washington. He was even back in time for National Margarita Day!)

Hope that February was FAB for you and your loved ones. Speaking of fab, February 25th would have been the fab, gear, groovy, Beatle George Harrison’s 70th birthday.  He was a bright, shining light who made a lot of female hearts sing…rock ‘n roll, of course.

Peace, love, joy & chocolates (you have some left from Valentine’s Day, no?),