A tisket, a tasket
I want my Easter basket

Filled with nothin’ funny

Just a whole lot ‘o’ spendin’ money

A chocolate rabbit would also be nice

So puleeze make sure you heed my advice

But my nothin’ wasn’t funny

To that grumpy Easter Bunny

So he high-tailed it out of the town

A stand-in bunny cannot be found


Then, from far-out, out of nowhere, a hippie hen appears

Rockin’ rainbow curls, some groovy beads & rented rabbit ears

“Why I’ll be happy to bring those Easter treats

I’ll just hip, hippity-hop down your city streets”

A tisket, a tasket

I forgot that rascally rabbit

‘Cause an egg-laying bunny

Just isn’t funny!


April has been a great, groovy month. Why there was Earth Day/Mirth Day and a new Easter bonnet for me. (Our Easter weather was just perfect.) We entertained two out-of-town visitors at the awesome Muir Woods National Monument in marvelous Marin County. This peaceful place is like nature’s cathedral. We had a tasty lunch in the hamlet of Muir Beach at a 16th Century Elizabethan English inn (a reproduction, obviously). After a brief visit to the scenic village of Stinson Beach on the beautiful Pacific, and a fog-filled drive across the Golden Gate Bridge, we stopped at a hipster Mission café to sample some hand-crafted desserts created by the pastry chef/owner of one of our visiting friends. All I can say is yum, yum, yum! What a day. I hope April has been great and groovy for all of you.


Peace, love, laughter & (colorful) organic, hard-boiled free-range eggs,



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