“Always look on the bright side of life.” (I do believe that is a title of a silly ditty from some famous British comedians. Python peeps will know what I’m on about.) I do my best to do just that. I also make a special effort to live on the LAUGH side of life!! And that’s not always easy.

October was really challenging for all of the above. Everyday seemed to bring news of global/ local impending doom, gloom, or yet another major disaster on the horizon. A real bummer, I must say. I did have the birthday of the late, great John Lennon to celebrate. And that helped a wee bit. Had some lovely Guinness with my celebratory meal wishing it came in an oversized keg as I was really parched. I listened to John Lennon singing “Imagine” over & over. A lot of fans love him to this day. Count me as one of them.
“Give Peace a Chance” Yeah!!

Then the horrible fires started and began to spread across the California Wine Country: Sonoma & Napa Counties were severely devastated by deadly fires that devoured trees, homes, cars, trucks, innocent animals and unfortunate people who were unable to escape its path. Other areas up in the North Country were harmed as well. Even Santa Cruz County experienced a destructive fire. There was nothing on the television but death and destruction. The newspapers & Internet contained more of the same. Out of state friends & family were concerned for our well-being and phoned/emailed.

The smoke from the intensity of all those fires began to spread across the San Francisco Bay Area. The sky looked a dark grey outside my house. On my wedding anniversary, you could not open the door/window without inhaling smoke. I had a sore throat & a bit of a headache for days. Because of this we did not travel to Berkeley for dinner. The old man picked up a pizza & we drank a little vino (I needed a VAT) to commemorate the occasion.
(Think Paul Simon’s “Still crazy after all these years!”) How many years? I’m not sayin’.

The fires continued to burn for weeks into October, but life & laughs go on. Many courageous folks found humor helped them cope with overwhelming loss & suffering. They are truly amazing people. If they could find a reason to laugh, so could I!

And I did. I needed all the laughter I could find in order to celebrate my, like totally unbelievable, !!## Oops, oops, mayday! mayday! birthday. (NOT a birthday bash, folks; I felt like I had been bashed!!) We did go to Berkeley, although I considered going to Terrapin Crossroads in San Rafael. No performers playing that I had even heard of, and as San Rafael is located fairly close to the Wine Country, I heard the air quality really sucked.

We arrived at our fave Tibetan restaurant on University Ave. My birthday was on a Monday so I knew I could expect a very delish veggie entrée. I’m big on Paul McCartney’s “Meatless Mondays.” I’m semi-veg as it is. No problem ordering vegetarian, however, our fave chocolate dessert was not available. Ohhhhh Noooo!! (The owner did bring us a complementary traditional Tibetan dessert to share. Namaste, I say.)

“Don’t tell me that you’re out of the Tibetan Rice wine?” She was. But she emerged from the kitchen to ask how many glasses did I want, one or two? She was willing to make some for ME. After all, it was my!!## Oops, oops, mayday! mayday! birthday. As she set the full glass of wine down on the table she said to be careful, that it was very strong. I thought I might crawl out the front door, but I found myself break dancing while the Dalai Lama waved & giggled at me as I exited.
I could have had a second glass.

The hubby and moi shared a giant chocolate cupcake we purchased after dinner at a grocery store in Berkeley. The only candle I could find to put on the cake was from a box of colorful Hanukkah candles I bought on clearance. We’re not Jewish, but, hey, whatevah works. We celebrated his birthday three days later at a Mexican restaurant owned by guitar legend Carlos Santana. The birthday guest gets a free dessert garnished with lit sparklers. They gave me one too! Aye! Aye! Aye! And it was yum, yum, yummy.

I did have some fun decorating for Halloween. So did the folks at the big, big house on Lakeshore Avenue in Oakland. The owner must have some connections or moo-la or something. Their holiday décor is looking more and more professional. Think Walt Disneyesque. Henri took some groovy photos. He also took a FABULOUS photo of our Doggie Diva Rosie Colleen. And even one of moi. I forgot to remove my reading glasses, however. Mon Dieu.

Sorry that I’m so far behind with my posting. Please remember to laugh. Put a little giggle in your wiggle. Y’all need it. Because the times they are deranging. (Think Bob Dylan)

Peace, love, joy, healing laughter & don’t forget the wine & chocolate, man,
“Always look on the Bright Side of Life.” (As much as you can, man)

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