Hi there all you LaughLaundry readers. Yes, all three or four of you who have even noticed that there was no post for December. And yes, I do know that we are currently getting close to the end of January.  I could blame it on Santa Claus and his elves….nah. I could blame it on the weather (pretty darn nice) we have had for almost two months now…. unbelievable. We still have tomatoes growing on the vine. (Sorry. I realize that many of you have endured winter weather that totally sucked. Hi there Kevin)

OK, so I can’t put the blame on Santa’s elves, BUT I can put the blame on an “elf” I thought I knew: me bro Billy Danny:  I don’t know what possessed him to go total elf on Christmas Day. Billy Danny informed me that his Christmas ensemble magically came together; the elf suit, the funky hat and the craaaazy shoes that were gifted to him.
He was truly a holiday gift: He brought smiles and laughter to everyone who saw him that day. Look at his photo. Believe me, he wasn’t hard to miss. Those elf shoes made him merry.

So why am I blaming my bro for not doing my BLOG post?  I could not stop laughing!! Every time I thought of him gone green I created spasms of uncontrollable laughter. With all of the feel good endorphins from nonstop laughter, I just wanted to lie there, chill, and eat chocolate bon bons nonstop. However, I applied a few extras directly to my hips!

Thanks bro, you rock!

Both of our Christmas shopping treks to the annual Berkeley’s Telegraph Avenue Fair happened in ideal weather. I even wore too much clothing the second trip. Guys roamed in shorts and flip flops, dude. (Probably Cal students, though.) It’s great fun to see crafts people we love to buy from show up for the holiday shopping season. Sharon, Linda, Sandy, we love you all. And per usual, folks stopped Henri and moi to take our photo. People got excited to see us. WE brought smiles to many faces. Just hope we didn’t bring on any uncontrollable laughter like my bro did to me. I don’t want a chocolate shortage, man.

Billy Danny really makes one groovy elf. However, my Henri is more like the Grinch when it comes to holiday decorating. I was fortunate enough to get him to put some groovy colored lights on Chez Bender in time for Christmas.  Most of our neighbors went all out Christmas in the month of December. Even the local squirrel community participated: I believe I saw a squirrel or two adding decorations to the palm tree on our front lawn. The furry fellows appeared to be attracted to shiny bright ornaments. I noticed some glitter in a bushy tail heading up the tree.  No, it was NOT Rosie Colleen! (SHE just wanted to be one of Santa’s reindeer for Christmas. She heard we left cookies out for the Big Guy to munch and she wanted to hoover her share of the festive goodies.)

New Years Eve was pretty much a bummer this time around. There was nothing for a local Deadhead to do. Not one member of zee Dead was in town for a show. Not even a Grateful Dead cover band to go see.  And because NYE was on a Brunch Sunday as well, there wasn’t an evening show to celebrate at Terrapin Crossroads in San Rafael. Phil Lesh was performing outside of NYC, anyway. Yeah, I know, boohoo.  We enjoyed a yummy dinner from our local Thai place and had bubbly at midnight.  Some people in the neighborhood must think we live in the hood.  Illegal firework displays showered the sky.  They frighten Rosie Colleen. This makes her demand extra champagne. We are trying to reduce her bubbly consumption. (Hello, ice cream too.)

Give us peace-loving neighbors a break…puleeeze.

You can see that Rosie really rocked her new year’s attire.  Our little doggie diva dressed to impress –her daddy!  She was pretty exhausted from Christmas so she posed lying down.  Rosie Colleen wants all of you to have a very Hippie New Year!  My bro’s family and friends wondered if he was the elf from the shelf, and I suggested he join a self elf group. (Billy Danny is known for his fab ELVIS impersonations, but now he’s gone all ELFIS??)

Peace, love, joy, laughter & a pair of elf shoes to make you merry,

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