The month of August officially begins with Jerry Garcia’s birthday on the 1st. Henri was dispatched to the local grocery store to purchase some Cherry Garcia ice cream. Yummy stuff it is filled with chocolate chunks and delish pieces of cherry. I thought the ice cream tasted a wee bit off which was a bit of a bummer. More like a major bummer, man. Something was off and next day I removed the carton from the freezer only to discover my old man’s mistake: he bought non-dairy, man. He somehow thought it was the real deal. Jerry would have been shocked, I say. Shocked!

I was shocked myself while visiting my Chiropractor whose first name also happens to be Jerry, after he thought that Jerry Day was in honor of Ben and Jerry. Yes, the ice cream duo behind the luscious Cherry Garcia. (The Doc said that everyday is jerry Day for him!) The Doc used to be a Disc Jock back in the day, so he has no excuse for his error! Good job I like him. Even if he isn’t a Deadhead. (I’ll question him next year and see if he corrects his mistake.)

I planned my outfit for the Deadhead event of the year, the gala of glam, the magical musical marathon worth the price of admission…wait, there is no admission to pay! That’s why it keeps growing more popular each year. I don’t know where all the grateful attendees come from (I think some may camp or hide in the forest all year, lying in waiting to grab their spot to crash for the show). Who knows? I do know that our tie-dyed friends who we could not seem to locate at the Haight/Ashbury Street Fair were a no show as far as I could tell.

I keep upping my festive attire game and it’s getting more expensive each year. But I must give the Deadheads what they expect. Dontcha think? I’m already putting together another creative ensemble for next year. I gotta stay groovy. Many folks asked the old man and moi how long we have been attending Jerry Day. We have been there for all but the first year. It wasn’t that crowded our first visit to the Jerry Garcia Amphitheatre. In fact, it was just the Amphitheatre in McLaren Park way uuuupppp there in the San Francisco hills. Parking wasn’t even a problem then. Yeah, right. But the modest crowd size guaranteed every attendee a decent slice of birthday cake. With frosting. Yum. Those were the days my friends, we knew they had to end- the very next year, bummer.

However, we have become rather famous, primarily for the old man’s terrapin topper which still causes quite a stir/stare. Our annual Christmas card photo/seat saver friends were also no shows again this year. Perhaps they went to another music show which are several in number in August. Miss you guys. But surprise, surprise: Annie was at Jerry Day! With her long red locks, she must be living in the Bay Area somewhere. She loved the earrings I was wearing. (she makes fab earrings, herself.) She was seated waaay up the hill. I don’t do hills.

There were lots of colorful people in attendance. And they kept arriving over the four or more hours of the event. Cindy from Sacamenna was there rockin’ the place, along with the amazing dancer Primo and his colorful wife at the Haight Fair featured in my June post. Actualy, the whole forest was rocking, even the pooches along with their people. Henri recorded a video of longtime rockers at the event performing a Dead tune I confess to not knowing the name. Gasp! The Grateful Dead have a huge library of music. Some of it goes back to before I was a fan. Maybe, you know the name. If so, pulleeeze let me know ASAP. OK? After that unknown lengthy tune, I heard my absolute fave song which is “Shakedown Street.” I heard it at a Dead concert and it became my fave. That’s how the magic happens, I guess. Plenty of magic was on hand at the 2018 Jerry Day concert as well. People were so jazzed they didn’t want the music to end. Heck, I didn’t want it to end either. And the magic of that day will live on. (As will the sunburn, bug bites, and achy muscles, man.) But the admission price was a real bargain even if they do seem to move the J. G. Amphitheatre further away from the parking lot every year. They can’t really do that, can they? Perhaps some truly gifted and Deadicated fans who want less folks to find the place have found a way?? Now that WOULD be magic, man.

Folks if you want to become a member of the privileged few thousands next year plan on arriving early. Early enough so you don’t have to climb a tree. You don’t want to hang out on a limb, do you? I suggest you should go camp in the woods until next August! After seeing this year’s gathering, now is not too early at all. The winter is very mild in San Francisco. Yeah, right.

Other stuff happens in August, but we won’t go there. Just let me say that all of August is Tie-Dyed. Hope your August was tie-dyed, too.

Peace, love, Joy, laughter & Cherry Garcia Ice Cream,


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