(Last month my blog was so chockful of goodies that I had to omit an AMAZING photo of moi from my August post. The hubby and I were invited to dine with a totally groovy fellow in a town we aren’t all that familiar with. I chose the destination: The House of Prime Tofu. I used to love the tasty tofu steaks and cutlets made by the skilled tofu artisans at the defunct “Top Tip o’ the Tofu.” I was salivating at the prospect of dining on something similar at this new place.

However, word obviously got around and a hungry group of voracious vegans booked the entire place for a meat-free convention. Bummer. So off we went to another charming place where I flirted with an English Beefeater. I thought he was a wee bit cheeky. The hubby said he was a statue. What does he know? I did have a jolly good time, I say.)

The weather in September was kind of craycray. We had a great deal of dry, hot temps and numerous “Spare the Air” days. With a heavy mixture of thick fog and smoke from Northern California wildfires blanketing the sky – and turning it a ghastly gray- I’m surprised we don’t have “Spear the Air” days. I believe they may portend the future, although I sincerely hope not.
And now for something completely different:
Have you been finding time for laughter? You know you need it. You know you want it. Have you been searching for joy and silly stuff? It’s everywhere, ya know. Pullleeeze tell me that you have tried to wear a few bright colors? My aunt tells me that her goal for the day is to put a smile on someone’s face. (You go, auntie!) My goal is to dress as colorfully (& a wee bit silly) as I can. Wacky glasses? Check. Wacky hat? Wacky socks? Double check. I spread peace and love & joy and laughter as much as I can. And I will often see people pass- me- by with a smile or grin on their faces. Feels pretty groovy, folks.

Out and about in Oakland and Berkeley, we happen upon the most unusual sights. Because the Oakland Athletics baseball team was doing so well in September, wildly decorated statues of mice or elephants (I think I saw an elephant somewhere) were situated at places around town. Henri could not stop at one spot for a photo as he feared for his life. NOT from A’s fans…craycray drivers, dude. He did risk his bod running across a Berkeley street sometime later after snapping a photo of a new sign planted opposite an Irish pub. The stop sign featured an outline of a musician holding a guitar running ‘cross the street! See the photo, OK? It will explain all.

Our doggy diva, Rosie Colleen, did attend Barkchella in September. It is a barkfest that is likely to become an annual event. Rosie used to be pretty much the only hound in the hood. But now she has so many canines to commingle with. There’s Lexie behind us (with a brother who does not participate -yet!), there’s Precious and Gunny on one side who could compete with the best of the rest, and a recent neighbor whose name is unknown, but is a champion yapper. These all- pro barkers are eager to enter the annual “Bay to Barkers” (fur real). We are all living in a canine cacophony. I’m praying we nevah have a CAThophony. Now that would be rrrruuufff.

Happy Fall, Y’all. You realize I was just “ribbing” you, right?? There is also a photo of my peace sign loving neighbor, Judy & my groovy living room table for your enjoyment. Remember to always look on the laugh side of life Even though it’s not all that easy, is it?

Peace, love, the joy of tofu, groovy stuff & laughter, Kathleen

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