Our darlin’ doggie Rosie Colleen wanted the November LaughLaundry devoted solely to herself.
After all, Thanksgiving is her day for chowing down on a delectable dinner of exquisite canine
delights. (she can munch for hours, she can). My little princess decided to compose a poem to
give everyone a wee taste (ahem) of the utter joy she experiences during her fave celebration.
Enjoy…Rosie Colleen says you bettah. 

THANKSGIVING by Rosie Colleen Bender

OK, OK, I’ll admit it –
I’m the Doggie Diva who did it –
It just looked so swell-
And OMG the smell-
I stole the neighbors Thanksgiving turkey –
(Mommy & Daddy know I won’t touch their Tofu sculpted Turkey)-
What else could I do? –
I despise tofu
( I did run home for Mom’s pumpkin pie -oh my!!)
But Doggie Diva that I am-
Come Easter the neighbors bettah have a real HAM!!-
If ONLY Thanksgiving lasted for more than a day-

And that’s all this Doggie Diva is going to say!!