2019 began back in January as a new year usually does with parties, festivities, etc. Some of me wasn’t (don’t ask where in me that was) in a mood to partay. I know that was like, four months ago, man. February- gone! March- gone! April so gone, too! So waaz happened with the Laugh Laundry?
Dunno. I ran out of detergent?

But I do know that there was lots of stuff goin’ down and I was having trouble keeping zee mood in a FUN place. I also had zee creeping crud that dampened both my health and spirits. Well, all that rain we had certainly did not help at all, man. OK. But life and laughs go on as my fave cosmic comic swami says.
(If there is more than ONE cosmic comic swami far-out there in the universe, puleeze let me know!)
Look at the list of “HOUSE RULES” in the photo (placed SOMEWHERE by my website guru):

Rule #6 is “Remember to Laugh.” This “list” is from a neighborhood gourmet sandwich shop operated by a wonderfully witty and wise couple with most excellent culinary skills. This collection of rules makes a great deal of sense, does it not? Perhaps they could also be “World Rules.” At least some of them might successfully be adopted.
(Now If only I could get my hubby to adopt numbers 7 and 9! Like that’s going to happen in this lifetime.)

Because FOUR months is a lot to cover, and I don’t wish a return visit of the CREEPING CRUD -gasp!! – I’m just going to share with you a slew of photos (snapped by Henri) that I hope will bring you some joy or give you a giggle (NOT Google) or two. If I’ve piqued your appetite, chow down on this smorgasbord of silly and satisfying pics. Uh-oh…I’m goin’ overboard, puleeze forgive moi.
My pooch Rosie Colleen wants you to drool over her photos and toss her a bone. Howzaboud doing the same for moi? Only toss me a chocolate bon-bon and easy on the drool. Remember # 9. And you won’t forget # 6, will ya?

I will certainly do my best to give you a groovy Laugh Laundry for the merry month of May. As for the final rules listed:
I’ll NEVER GIVE UP, and I’ll always remember (I hope, I hope) that we ought to LOVE EACH OTHER.
* Watch it, boys & girls

Peace, love, joy & healing laughter from Kathleen