Do you believe health is about balance?  If you do, there will soon be a place where the focus is on balancing life’s serious stuff with the silly stuff. This will be a transformational place where you can allow the healing power of laughter and humor to happen at your own pace. This will also be a color-filled, FUN place where laughter truly is the best medicine.

The name of this new place is “The Laugh Laundry, where you brighten your blues with laughter, humor and joy!” The Laugh Laundry’s FUNcilitator is Kathleen Bender, MA. Kathleen holds a Master’s in Consciousness Studies from John F. Kennedy University’s School of Holistic Studies (Laughter is a state of consciousness). She has earned professional certifications in hypnotherapy, medical hypnotherapy, massage therapy, and is a Certified Laughter Yoga Leader. A proud member of the Association for Applied & Therapeutic Humor (AATH) and the National Guild of Hypnotists Kathleen happily anticipates creating a humor healing program just for you!

In the meantime, if anything you’ve read has put a smile on your face, please take a peak at Ms. Bender’s humorous writing style. Perhaps you will find the answer to something you always wanted to know about therapeutic humor/laughter, but were afraid to ask.

And if you get the giggles from reading this amusing blog –GREAT! Therapeutic humor and laughter just might be beneficial for you. If not-in-the least bit amused, Kathleen has promised she’ll work with the humor-impaired, too!

Be sure to visit THE LAUGH LAUNDRY on a regular basis and brighten your blues.